Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1, 2014

"new things"
Isaiah 42:9

When I went on retreat a few months ago, I took pictures of a lot of their decor.  My friend, who owns the house, is a talented designer apparently, and had great fun choosing colors and decor for each bedroom.  So I took a few pictures to remind me of how lovely everything was.

But this one I took particular note of:

The reason I thought this was so interesting is that that is a pitcher.  But it's being used as a vase.  Maybe that seems like no big deal to you, but I don't think that would have occurred to me.  I'm decoratingly challenged.  {I give you Exhibit A:  a tablecloth for a curtain.  Although, as I've now discovered, all the hip and happenin' people do this, apparently.}

I love the idea of using something in a new and different way.  It's even better than filling a need with something unexpected ~ it's making something new out of something.  Refusing to believe that something can only be what it was intended to be.

It's a message for a New Year.  What lies ahead does not have to be what it seems like it has to be.

Be Unexpected.  

Be Re-created.  

Think outside the box.  Outside 2013.  Outside of your perceived limitations.  Step out of the pattern ~ or maybe the rut of last year ~ and into who God has for you to be.  Grow in ways you never thought about.

And have a God blessed,
                                                                                       New Year

~ "Behold, I will do a new thing,
 Now it shall spring forth;
      Shall you not know it?" ~
Isaiah 43:19

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