Sunday, January 12, 2014

What we had here was a failure to communicate

"she came to test"
1 Kings 10:1

So my girl took the practice SAT test today, and it was just as we expected.  Four hours of hard work and brain exercising, alleviated only by ten minutes of boredom if she finished ahead of the allotted time before the next portion. 

But there was something that was slightly unexpected and seemed a little ridiculous for my daughter - the rule that you couldn't have your phone in the testing room with you.  I know; it seems logical to most of us.  We understand that they are being cautious, and that cheaters are clever and sneaky. 

But this is a girl who has grown up in the era of cellphones.  We waited for quite a long time to give our children cellphones ~ after all, they are with me almost 24/7 ~ but since getting their phones, they have rarely been without them.  Fortunately, they don't use them all that much, but they are used to having them in their pockets.  And she certainly knows not to use it, or even turn it off in circumstances when she's told to.  So the rule seemed overly cautious to her.

I was reading a book the other day, and the author ~ a pastor ~ talked about the many times he has heard people say how cool they think it would be to have lived when Jesus lived.  The idea of walking and talking with Jesus; to hear His voice, to know how tall he was, what it felt like to have His hand touch your shoulder, or cup you under the chin...

But then the author pointed out that if those people lived now, they'd probably ask us what it's like to have the Holy Spirit in us, and to be able to pray directly to the Father without having to go through a priest, and make a sacrifice. 

We get used to being able to communicate.  And if that ability is taken away, we can feel frustrated... stymied... helpless, or even frightened.  But even though that's true, we still don't take advantage of the privilege we have, to be able to access Him in prayer whenever we want. 

Just imagine if that ability were taken away from you.  Sobering thought, isn't it? 

He's with you always.  Are you with Him?

~ "Seek the Lord while He may be found, 
Call upon Him while He is near" ~
Isaiah 55:6

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