Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Just because the view changes doesn't mean you should turn back

"those who have turned back"
Zephaniah 1:6

I have a friend who runs a ministry at her church.  It's sort of a mentoring position, along with other adults who work with teens.  They pray with them, counsel them, help them with their studies, etc. 

Well recently, one of the women who volunteers with her called her and told her she was feeling frustrated.  She said she felt like there were "too many" adult volunteers, and she wasn't needed.  She felt unused.

My friend tried to convince her of the impact she was having on those kids, but as far as I know, the woman pulled out of the organization.  It seemed like such a pity to me, especially since she only joined the group a month before.

My friend could see what the woman was accomplishing by being there, but the woman herself couldn't see it.  But feeling unused doesn't mean we are unused. 

There are a myriad of places in the Bible where someone's perspective was off; where they did not see what was happening, or what God was doing in their lives.  Sometimes we just have to stay the course.  I, of course, don't know for a fact that she didn't pray about her decision, but didn't say anything about feeling God was calling her out.  All she talked about was her feelings.

Sometimes I think we get caught up in where we think we want to go, and what we thought it would look like when we got there, and we don't check with Him.  There is no "wrong" way when He leads. 

Planning is good.  Changing your mind is not necessarily bad.  But what's best, is to find out what He's doing in your life, and then join Him.

"He led them forth by the right way"
Psalm 107:7

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