Friday, January 24, 2014

Slip Sliding Away

"what causes (her) to stumble"
Ezekiel 14:4

So we're moving along in Bible study, studying the Book of Job.  We're having great discussions about Job's trials, and the effect they are having on his psyche.  A friend of mine said, the other day, "Job has been knocked flat on his back, and the only place to look is up!"

And that line brought to her mind a story I had told her years ago.  A story I didn't even remember until she brought it up.  Apparently it stuck with her! 

It was probably seven or eight years ago.  My kids were young and my days were busy.  Busier than they are now, I think.  Or at least I was busier, because my kids were less independent.  Well one day, in a hurry to get things done, rushing around my house, I slipped on the tile in our kitchen.

I think I took a step forward and put my weight on a wet place.  My right foot went farther forward than I intended ~ quickly ~ and I went down on my left knee.  And just like that, I found myself in a praying position.  I'm pleased to say that I realized it, and I prayed.

I was glad my friend reminded me of this story, because the lesson is good.  And it's the same lesson I'm seeing in Job.  Just like Job's troubles had him reaching out to God for answers, my slipping and falling (and yes, hurting my knee) caused me to stop in my rushing around.  It could have been caused solely by me, not being careful.  It could have been caused by satan, wanting to mess with my schedule, and increase my frazzled-ness.  Or it could have been caused by God.  But no matter which, it was used by Him. 

He maketh me to lie down.  And sometimes, He maketh me to fall down.

~ "He makes me to lie down in green pastures;
 He leads me beside the still waters.
    He restores my soul" ~
Psalm 23:2,3


  1. A very timely post, as I just took a tumble on Monday afternoon at the local QuikTrip. Made a 3-point landing on the sidewalk on (1) my right palm, (2) my right elbow, and (3) my right hip. Not exactly a praying position, but I did have to get on my knees in order to stand up, so point well taken. No harm done (or very little) as far as I can determine, except some soreness and bruises.

    Also, the title of your post made me smile. My heyday in listening to AM radio was in the 1950s and early 60s. Then, what with becoming a Christian, getting married, having three children, working and traveling for the big corporation (I'm Being Moved), and getting deeply involved in church activities, I just stopped listening to pop music. Around 1977, I turned on an AM station in the car one morning for the first time in years and heard Paul Simon sing "Slip Slidin' Away." Soon afterward I discovered the Eagles music ("Take It To the Limit" and "You Can't Hide Your Lyin' Eyes" and "Hotel California") and I rejoined the human race at that point after having been in my own private monastery.

    But pop music since the eighties has made me want to drop out of the human race again on many occasions.

  2. Sorry to hear that you fell! I've been praying for you to have healthy 2014, since you spent so much time in the hospital, and fighting shingles last year. But you've got to meet me halfway ~ so don't chew gum while you're walking, okay?

    And I never would have pegged you as an Eagles fan. Something else we have in common!