Monday, January 27, 2014

Grateful for January

"in the first month"
Genesis 8:13

It almost happened again.  I almost lost a January. 

Well, not "again," really.  I've never lost a January.  I did almost lose a November one year.   And yet here I am, losing track of January. 

January is a great month.  It's blue and white and fresh and new.  Well, that sounds a little like a Dr Seuss title, but you get my point.  January is all the winter coziness without the Christmas planning.  It's a new year and a clean house and new priorities.

But somehow this January has seemed like back-to-back surprises.  A few minor issues that needed attention, some illness in the house, and of course school and general busyness. 

And a couple days ago, I flipped the page on my page-a-day calendar, and realized January is almost over.  I've been forgetting to "rejoice and be glad," for each day the Lord has made. 

Maybe that's why we should be thanking Him for everything we can think of.  Because there will always be something we're forgetting to be thankful for.

~ "Every day I will bless You,
And I will praise Your name forever and ever" ~
Psalm 145:2

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