Thursday, January 16, 2014

Flying His Course

"fly above the earth"
Genesis 1:20

My dad sent me a youtube clip the other day, of the Blue Angels flight squadron.  There were cameras attached to the planes in a couple of different places, and there were some incredible views of the ground, the sky, and the other planes.

We used to go to Air Shows when I was a kid.  A lot.  My dad had been in the Air Force when he was right out of high school, and he loves all things having to do with aviation.  The Air Shows were always interesting.  It seems like one airplane would be just like another, but I don't recall ever thinking that.  Which is funny, because with cars, one is a lot like another to me.

But more than just wandering in and out of different airplanes, I loved watching the pilots do their stuff.  Like the Blue Angels ~ all the pilots completely in sync, completely aware of where the other guys are.  It seems like the planes are way too close together for safety, but they know exactly where to be, and how to keep adjusting to one another.

In short, this is no place for autopilot.  That's what I found myself thinking while I watched. 

Autopilot is an amazing thing, isn't it?  I assume it's a lot like cruise control is on a car.  I personally have never been too fond of cruise control.  I prefer me in control of my car. 

But I know cruise control has its place.  Its purpose.  I'm sure it gets better gas mileage, being steadier and more constant.  But I think it's also dangerous.  I'm afraid it will lead to relaxing too much; letting down my guard.  Instead of just relaxing my foot, maybe I start relaxing my hand on the steering wheel, too.

Autopilot is risky.  And so is getting myself into too much of a routine in my daily life.  It's nice to have an expectation of my schedule, but if I'm not careful, I just set myself on "auto" and don't get off.  Which means I'm so caught up in what's supposed to be next, that I don't think of things like making a phone call to a friend, or writing a thank you card, or reading something that isn't "required reading" for teaching or Bible study.

God puts diversions and opportunities in our way sometimes, and if we're too laser-focused on our set course, we'll miss them. 

And all of that was a complicated train of thought, and a brief lesson, brought on because I sat down to watch a video of the Blue Angels.  God teaches, if we're learning.

~ "Therefore, as we have opportunity,
    let us do good to all" ~
Galatians 6:10

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